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Who We Are

A.B.A International is the sole importer of Score Vodka. Hailing from Ukraine, Score Vodka is unlike any other spirit on the market today. A grain vodka derived from the golden wheat grown naturally across the sweeping fields in Ukraine, Score Vodka is also filtered using the most advanced techniques in the industry. The result? A entry in the crowded vodka market that instantly sets itself apart with its mild fragrance, gentle taste and enjoyable aftertaste.

We tasted it from the freezer, and we then let it warm up to room temperature. Again the result was remarkable. Absolutely nothing. The taste was smooth, pure, neutral, and decidedly alcoholic.

The Vodka Guy

Who We Work With

How Are We Different

Global Marketing Support

We provide nationwide marketing campaign for our product.

Local Marketing

For our clients we provide localized marketing targeted for their customers.

Marketing Materials

We provide even ore marketing materials for your business, especially for retailers.

Low Wholesale Price

We optimize advertising to lower the cost-per-bottle to give distributors and retailers lucrative pricing.

Flexible Distribution Model

We are happy to work with your distributor or provide our own distribution solution.

Autonomous Sales Force

Each branch operates like a franchise with central office support, this allows for effective work with clients.