About A.B.A. International LLC

From the start, A.B.A. International set out to make Score Vodka wildly different from any other spirit that might be found on the shelves of a local store. In order to do so, they sought to retain as much control over every aspect possible of the vodka production process. A.B.A. International is a partial owner of the fields and crops that are used to distill Score Vodka as well as the facilities that house the distillation process. With Score Vodka's unique bottle, A.B.A. International holds the controlling vote in the bottling process.

A.B.A. International's Unique Distribution Process

Operating from Miami, Florida, A.B.A. International is able to work with both large and small distributors. Their distribution channels enable them to work directly with retailers to form mutually-beneficial relationships. The independent sales representatives that are hired by A.B.A. International work solely on commission as they strive to sell Score Vodka to distributors and retail outlets such as liquor stores. When compared to other types of spirits that are in direct competition with Score Vodka, including -- but not limited to -- other types of vodka, A.B.A. International offers retail stores and distributors -- the importer's clients -- a heftier profit margin.

The Difference

In all aspects, A.B.A. International provides a different experience with Score Vodka. For starters, in order to keep their focus laser sharp, Score Vodka is their only product line. A.B.A. International is one of only a handful of liquor importers that provides fully supported marketing tools to their clients. In addition to traditional forms of marketing, A.B.A. International also markets Score Vodka through non-traditional and viral channels to capture the attention of their target audience of married professionals aged 30 to 45. By relying on this type of marketing strategy, A.B.A. International seeks to set Score Vodka apart from other Russian-type spirits as less of a party and club drink and more of a way to relax and celebrate with a gathering of friends.

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