For Retailers

For retail stores, liquor stores, store chains, and other retail businesses.

In order to provide consumers the products they want to buy, it's best to work directly with retailers, because, they interact with consumers the most. Today, in the age of Internet marketing and narrow-targeting, consumers hear about the product a lot sooner and before the distributors have a chance to sign the proper agreements with suppliers. We think that retailers have very little control over what products distributors carry. Furthermore, retailers have a very narrow margin to work with because a good chunk of profit absorbs the distributor.

A.B.A. International LLC is not a traditional spirit importer. We also pride ourselves on exceptional marketing support for our clients - stores. We believe that we know our brand, consumer, and market best. Thus we put wholehearted effort into promoting our own brand rather than rely on distributors or local stores.

Additionally, for some clients we offer local marketing support. No other importer, and rarely any distributors, would provide such lucrative deal. We offer to run local marketing campaign near your store or stores to attract more business your way.

Local Marketing Support

For many retail liquor stores we provide local marketing campaign to support our brand!

Local Coupons

We'll distribute coupons/fliers distribution with your store address on it.


We'll run ads in local newspapers, magazines, and other publications

Social Media Ads

Ads targeted towards people that live near you based on their social media profiles


Our unique geoTargeting Internet marketing campaign that delivers advertisement based on visitors location.

Food Industry Promo

Promotions in your stores or in bars, restaurants, cafe, or street vending.

Event Sponsorship

For larger orders we will sponsor local events near you.

In-Store Support

We will provide you with all necessary in-store marketing materials

In-Store Sampling

We'll organize in-store sampling for your walk-in customers or provide needed materials and products.

Any-size client

We will run local campaign specific to your location targeting your average consumers.
We will run several local campaign based on your store locations and preferences.
Large campaign is created for brand awareness targeting your states, cities, or parts of the city. Each campaign is governed by local laws and regulation, some advertisement can include billboards or event sponsorship.

We keep our marketing costs down by narrow-targeting specific audience. Unlike other brands, we are willing to advertise for our clients specifically in locations where our products are sold.