Score Vodka

Product of Ukraine

Score Vodka is a grain vodka. Through modern technologies, naturally grown grain, and advanced filtration systems, our vodka produces a gentle taste, mild fragrance, and pleasant aftertaste. Distillation and filtration of Score Vodka is on par with most premium top shelves competitors. It is safe to say that Score Vodka is а smooth spirit that can be consumed straight, without the need of chilling to mask any harsh taste. Score can also be used as a primary or secondary ingredient in mixed drinks and cocktails.


  • 1,75 L Glass Bottle

    Score Vodka - Large Size

    The 1.75 Liter bottle is the largest legal size allowable for sale in retail stores. This large glass bottle comes equipped with an easy-pour cap, along with two grooves on the back of the bottle that allow for easy handling and prevent bottle slippage. The bottle is encased in white-gray matte, and labeled with black and red lettering and symbols. The bottle measures 32.6 inches tall, and 4.3 inches in diameter at the bottom.

  • 750 mL Glass Bottle

    Score Vodka - Standard Size

    The 750 ml bottle is the traditionally standard and most popular size. This bottle is also equipped with an easy-pour cap. The shape of the bottle is straight, tall and narrow enough for an easy grip. The base of the bottle is slightly wider than the rest of the body, which gives this bottle a unique look. The bottle measures 12.25 inches tall, and 2.75 inches in diameter at the bottom.

  • 375 ml Glass Bottle

    Score Vodka - Small Size

    The 375 ml bottle is the smallest bottle we offer. It measures 9.5 inches tall and 2.4 inches in diameter, and has a traditional screw-on aluminum cap. This lightweight bottle fits easily in the palm of one’s hand and is conveniently small enough for the consumer to carry.