Our Social Responsibility

Human beings across the globe have consumed alcohol for thousands of years. Different cultures have found many ways to harness the power of fermentation to turn simple natural ingredients such as fruit, vegetables and honey into distinct beverages. Alcohol has been used as part of religious worship, as a symbolic bonding of different tribes and cultures and in a wide array of other social contexts. Score Vodka is proud to stand within that historic tradition, and we are honored to play a role in both your celebration and relaxation.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality vodka possible, but we also understand the responsibilities that come with producing and distributing alcohol. At the center of our marketing is our commitment to educating our customers on responsible drinking practices. After all, the best night out is worth nothing if you can't remember it, or if it ends in a negative way. To that end, we would like to share the following information and tips for making the most of our product.

Understanding the Effects of Alcohol

To put it plainly, it is impossible to accurately predict the effects that alcohol consumption will have on your body. Different people will be affected differently by the exact same type and volume of alcohol. A variety of factors combine to influence how a person metabolizes alcohol, including body weight, gender, tolerance level and even how much food one has consumed. Even more importantly, individuals can have different reactions to a drink that they have enjoyed many times before. A drink consumed after a healthy meal at the end of the day will have a different effect than one enjoyed while outdoors in the heat after a sporting event. This means that it is important to take steps to ensure that the total volume of alcohol consumed does not exceed your individual level of tolerance.

To that end, we suggest that you enjoy Score Vodka with plenty of water in between each alcoholic beverage. Being properly hydrated is essential in giving the body what it needs to process alcohol safely and efficiently. It is also important to avoid drinking on an empty stomach, which can increase the effects of alcohol and can also make you feel sick. A meal rich in carbohydrates and protein will give your body the fuel it needs for the hours ahead, as well as the ability to moderate the absorption of alcohol. Finally, drink mindfully; which means paying attention to the signals your body is sending and slowing down or stopping when your body needs a chance to catch up.

Stay Safe

Drinking responsibly means taking steps to protect yourself and those around you. It is always best to enjoy Score vodka with friends or family, which means that there will be people you trust nearby. When heading out, always have a game plan, and know how you will get from point A to point B after consuming any volume of alcohol. Having a designated driver who will not be drinking is the best course of action, but it is also easy to take advantage of public transportation, taxi cabs or one of the many ride share services that are in most areas of the country. Never get behind the wheel after drinking, even if you feel perfectly safe to drive. Doing so can make a great night out into a terrible experience for everyone involved. Always be overly conservative when choosing how to get home, and there will always be another occasion to enjoy Score Vodka in the days ahead.

We know that you have a vast array of choices when it comes to selecting a vodka, and we appreciate your business. While creating a quality product and turning a healthy profit are important to us, nothing is more essential than giving our customers the information they need to drink responsibly and stay safe while enjoying Score vodka.